About Us


The Maravi Heritage Foundation is an Organisation that  works with the community, our focus is on empowerment,  promoting human rights and other governance related issues. We have a number of projects that are community based aimed at uplifting those that are underprivileged in our society and instil  hope.

Our Programs

Media Program

This is a community engagement project that encourages people of all ages  including  community groups to voice out their views on issues affecting them and finding solutions . We also promote events that are happening within the community by covering them .

Community Support

We offer community support to the people in Openshaw who need help in filling up forms, writing CV's  and other issues that require experienced people , our team is highly qualified to deal with many community based issues.

Homeless Support

We also offer support to people that are homeless by listening to them and providing something to eat . Thanks our to partners Greggs.